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BRIDGE is a large project funding intermediary firm. We source funding for large scale projects around the world. Funding starts from 70% of funding requirements and can go up to 100% and also we endeavor to minimize your risk in foreign operations and to detect the best financing solutions for you. Foreign trade oriented companies have traditionally been among our customers. We offer tailor-made solutions for foreign trade companies by consulting the best banks in the world. We are strongly service-oriented and concentrate on permanently adding to the customer benefit of our products.

Trade Finance

We deal with a variety of documentary products and offer professional support from the beginning of the negotiations until the final settlement of the payment. Due to our customer oriented organization we offer individual and efficient service.

Documentary Credit is an excellent instrument to eliminate many risks in international trade.

An irrevocable documentary credit constitutes a definite undertaking of a bank (issuing bank) to pay by order and for account of the applicant (the importer), within a fixed period of time (at sight or by deferred payment) against presentation of specified, credit conform documents, a certain amount to a specified beneficiary (exporter), - all provided that the conditions of the documentary credit are fully complied with. The promise to pay can be supplemented by the exporter’s bank (confirmed Documentary Credit).

Import Documentary Credit

Our Banks issues different types of Documentary Credit in favor of your business partner based on your instructions:

  • Confirmed / Unconfirmed
  • Sight / Deferred Payment
  • Transferable
  • Revolving
  • Standby
  • Sight

Payment from issuing or confirming bank is available at sight (right away) against presentation of credit conform documents

Deferred Payment

The issuing bank or confirming bank undertake to effect payment on a specified date in the future after presentation of credit conform documents

Available by Negotiation

Nominated bank or any bank can negotiate credit conform documents. Negotiation means the giving of value for drafts and/or document(s) by the bank authorized to negotiate.


Beneficiary has the right to instruct the paying bank to make either part or all of the credit value available to third party (second beneficiary)


Is used as security to establish a second doc. credit in favor of the end supplier

Export Documentary Credit

We advise Documentary Credit issued by another bank in your favor with/without adding our confirmation.

Transfer of Documentary Credit

You, as a middleman, have the possibility to request us to transfer Export Documentary Credit in favor of your supplier(s) i.e. to make it completely or partly available to one or several other beneficiary/ies.

Credit Lines

Life can be unpredictable, and so can your cash flow. Be prepared for whatever comes your way with a Business Line of Credit, which gives you immediate access to working capital for your short-term needs. Use our Different Banks’ Business Line of Credit for short-term financing, emergencies, or seasonal needs, and only pay interest on the amount in use.

Assignment of Proceeds

You, as the beneficiary have the possibility to assign the Documentary Credit proceeds completely or partially in favour of a third party.

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