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For ordinary people, setting up a company domestically or overseas can be a complicated and lengthy process if you’re clueless about what steps you should take. What documents do you need to prepare to complete the company registration procedure, In Hong Kong/overseas? How should a Hong Kong company register, with the Business Registration Office? How can you speed up the process of overseas/Hong Kong company incorporation? Here at Accolade, we can answer all your questions related to company formation and provide the services you need to ensure a smooth process.

Our consultants understand that setting up a company and completing the necessary documentation are no easy tasks. But proper preparation and a thorough understanding of the process will help you fast-track the process. That’s why you need professional assistance and expert advice to speed up the process of setting up your company.

We specialized in company formation in the major jurisdictions of Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Samoa, Labuan, Seychelles, Delaware and Singapore. We provide a comprehensive range of company formation services including shelf companies in major jurisdictions; incorporation of companies with special names or special features; post incorporation support and ongoing statutory compliance.

We understand that speed is a crucial element for success in the commercial world, therefore we attach great importance to the delivery of timely service. Over the years, we strive to provide the services our clients need in a timely manner and have successfully assisted them in setting up their companies. In addition to proven track record of providing timely services, we are also dedicated to offering a full set of services in order to meet our clients’ needs in the setup process. Our speedy, comprehensive and well-organized services enable our clients to reach their goals faster by giving them the greatest convenience as well as a peace of mind.

Bridge Incorporations consults, implement and maintain a solution that best fits our clients' specific needs and goals while maximising the available benefits, includes the areas of:

  • Offshore Company Formation in all Major Jurisdictions with Low tax or Zero Tax.
  • Company Formation in European Countries.
  • Company Formation in Delaware of US.
  • Establishments of Trusts and Foundations.
  • Corporate Structuring and Re-Structure. Corporate Tax Planning and optimization.
  • and related services to Licensing, Trademark, Compliance and Risk Assessment, Accounting, Auditing.

Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.